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Antartic Odyssey;in the Footsteps of the South Polar Explorers:

By: Collier ,Graham & Patricia Graham Collier.

Price: £13.55

Publisher: New York, Carol & Graft.: 1999

Edition: First Edition

Sellers ID: 00089

ISBN: 0786706538

Condition: Good

At once a recreation of the past, and an enthralling picture of the wonders that remain, Graham Colliers journeys captures the spirit of this only uninhabited continent,the last great wilderness.This a 1st edition secondhand book in hardcovers the corner of which is slightly bumped,and the d/w is slightly rubbed but otherwise in good order. View more info

Image for Along the Chiltern Ways.

Along the Chiltern Ways.

By: Crosher, G.R.

Price: £14.00

Publisher: UK, Cassell & Co Ltd: 1973

Edition: 1st Edition

Sellers ID: 02303

ISBN: 0304291935

Condition: Very Good

The Chiltern Ways lanes are the Icknield Ways, the two ancient " green lanes " that run from the Thames at Goring northeastward below the Chiltern escarpment, below the beech- covered hills of Buckinghamshire and the rolling hills of Hertfordshire, skirting the " slumbering Midland plain " until beyond Royston thet reach the rich lands of East Anglia. The author is a wise, knowledgeable and informative guide who has from his earliest years known and loved these beautiful... View more info

Image for Home from the Hill

Home from the Hill

By: Hook, Hilary; Wilfred Thesiger

Price: £14.00

Publisher: UK, The Sportsman's Press: 1987

Edition: Reprint.

Sellers ID: 02190

ISBN: 0948253134

Condition: Very Good

In Home from the Hill. Hillary Hook vividly recalls his adventures in distant lands and evokes memories of an era which was brought to an end by the changing circumstances of the modern world. View more info

Image for The Lost Tribe.

The Lost Tribe.

By: Marriott, Edward.

Price: £10.84

Publisher: London, Picador.: 1996

Edition: First Edition

Sellers ID: 00022

ISBN: 0330336193

Condition: Very Good

Eward Mariott first heard of the Liawep tribe in 1993 when their 'discovery ' by a missionary hit the international headlines. He assembled his own patrol and crossed the jungle illegally. However, nothing could prepare him for what he found. This is a 1st Edition secondhand book in black cloth covers in very good order.The dustwrapper is in very good condition. View more info

The Venetian Empire : a Sea Voyage :

By: Morris Jan

Price: £15.00

Publisher: London, Faber & Faber: 1980

Edition: First Edition

Sellers ID: 00225

ISBN: 057109936X

Condition: Very Good

For visitors to Venice and travellers through the lands the Doges once ruled, The Venetian Empire is an invaluable historical introduction. This a hardback book in V/G condition, but it is bumped on the top and bottom of the spine The D/W is also V/G but does have some wear to the corners. View more info

Image for A Book of Travellers' Tales

A Book of Travellers' Tales

By: Newby, Eric

Price: £16.00

Publisher: UK., HarperCollins Publishers Ltd: 1985

Edition: 1st Edition

Sellers ID: 02386

ISBN: 0002172380

Condition: Very Good

In this book one of the world's great travel writers has compiled a marvellously entertaining anthology of writings by his peers. Spanning the globe from Africa to the Antarctic, from Penzance to Poona, Eric Newby serves up a feast of travel literature. There is light spotting on the page edges. and also a personal inscription to the f.e.p. View more info

Image for A Fabulous Kingdom : The Exploration of the Artic.

A Fabulous Kingdom : The Exploration of the Artic.

By: Officer,charles & Jake Page

Price: £10.84

Publisher: Oxford., Oxford University Press.: 2001

Sellers ID: 00081

Condition: Very Good

Inconstant and forbidding, the Artic lured misguided voyagers into the cold for centuries- pushing them beyond the limits of their knowledge ,technology and stamina.This book charts these quests and the eventual race for the North Pole in unpreceedented detailing ,chronicaling the lives and misconceptions that would eventually throw light on this ''magical realm'' of sunless winters. This ia a secondhand book in blue and white cloth covers which are in very good order.T... View more info

Image for Lost Lion of Empire : The Life of 'Cape -to-Cairo' Grogan

Lost Lion of Empire : The Life of 'Cape -to-Cairo' Grogan

By: Paice, Edward

Price: £30.00

Publisher: UK, Harper UK: 2001

Edition: 1st Edition

Inscription: Signed by Author(s)

Sellers ID: 02192

ISBN: 0002570033

Condition: Very Good

Ewart Grogan, a gentleman adventurer dubbed ' the boldest and baddest of a bold, bad gang of pioneering settlers in Kenya, was gifted far beyond the ordinary. This book is a brilliant and powerful account both of the life of an exceptional man and the birth of a country. There is a signature and dedication by the author on the f.e.p. The edges of the D/w are rippled. View more info

Image for The China Voyage :a Pacific Quest By Bamboo Raft.

The China Voyage :a Pacific Quest By Bamboo Raft.

By: Severin Tim.

Price: £15.00

Publisher: London, Little Brown & Co.: 1994

Edition: First Edition

Sellers ID: 00084

Condition: Very Good

China voyage is the extrordinary story of how six men and women made maritime history. Their purpose, to test the theory that Asian raft sailors reached America some 2000 years ago. Their experience provides us with one of the most remarkable sea adventures ever told.This is a 1st Edition secondhand book in blue cloth covers in very good condition, the dustwrapper is slightly damaged but good. View more info

Image for More Tramps Abroad

More Tramps Abroad

By: Twain Mark

Price: £18.00

Publisher: London, Chatto & Windus: 1898

Edition: Third Edition

Sellers ID: 01186

Condition: Good

The burgundy boards are worn along the spine at top and bottom,and blind stamped on front the pages are uncut but gilt along the top and are suffering from some foxing. View more info