Hello, and welcome to our website.

We hope you find it informative and easy to use, if not, we welcome any sensible suggestions to improve it.

We are  members of The Online Booksellers Association. ( I O B A ) which link to our site.

Compared to some secondhand booksellers we are quite small ,but our stock changes, and hopefully increases on a regular basis on most subjects , although we try to keep an eclectic mix of titles, we do  specialise in History, Military History, Fantasy and Science Fiction. But we also are interested in esoteric books.
We do not have a bricks and mortar bookshop , but we have been working at Bridport street Market for over 30 years, plus we also work at a summer market at Charmouth Dorset  during the month's of  June through to the end of September, we can also be found on summer shows and book fairs.

If you cannot find what you are looking for then contact us at either at;
[email protected] or [email protected]. or Telphone 01460 259494.
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate visitors to our premises, as they are very small and cramped, but Ilminster is a picturesque little country town  in South Somerset, and worth a visit in its own right, its about 10 miles south of Taunton.   Surrounded by farmland and low hills, it is a market town with a large Minster church ,pubs , cafe's and a small selection of shops. There is a National Trust house 4 miles away at Barrington Court, and Dillington House which was once owned by Lord North , King George III prime minister, is just down the road.
The town also lies not far from Sedgemoor and Athelney where King Alfred hid from the Vikings and burnt the cakes.
So if you find yourself in this part of Somerset there are plenty of qauint villages and places of interest to explore and we hope you enjoy your visit.
Ian & Malcolm Powell.